Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Am Not Dead! (yet)

Lest anyone think that Asian traveling is just mountains and jump-kicks, I am inclined to tell you that I spent the last few days wearing a path in the carpet between my bed and the toilet as my body did battle with some  nasty bacteria I must have consumed along the way.  I'll spare you the gory details, but let's just say that I believe this was the first time I've passed out from the sheer physical exertion required by the motions of being ill.  The mass exodus of everything I've ever eaten from my body left me crumpled on the floor of my guesthouse bathroom. 

Anyway, now that I seem to be recovered, I am ready to begin tomorrow a five week meditation course/retreat at Kopan Monastery in Boudhanath.  During this time I'll be completely unplugged from the matrix - no phone, no internet, no telegrams.  But rest assured, though I am out of contact and perhaps engaging in the "this body is a corpse" contemplation (my personal favorite), I am (hopefully) still alive.  Until then, happy Thanksgiving, Chanukah, birthday* and ten year high school reunion!

(By the way, the blog is now averaging a vomit reference once every 5.5 posts.  Go No-Blog, you highbrow web-log, you!)

*if applicable

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