Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Greetings Earthlings.  From the bottom of my lungs a [person] be blowin' spittin his game.  Oh wut up?  Wut up, wut up?!?  Welcome to my BLOG, No-Blog.  Let's get the initials out of the way, shall we?

Hi!  My name is Noah.  As most - if not all - of you know, until very recently I was employed as a lawyer in New York at a rather large firm in what we in the biz call "biglaw"; that is, a shop of a few hundred attorneys.  That was until I decided it wasn't for me, at least temporarily, and I wanted to do a little traveling.  Now I know what you are thinking: A few hundred lawyers cooped up in a New York City skyscraper??  What in the world could be more fun and exciting than that?!?  Well right you may be, but I am determined to check it out for myself.

The Blog and Expectations
So after much internal debate I decided to blog this little adventure I'm undertaking.  If history is any indicator (wut up "Through the Eardrums"), I will be not so diligent about updating this thing.  But hopefully you'll get the highlights and it will be here when I want it, if not when you do.  Too bad suckers, it's my blog, you want more blog posts, start your own blog.  But don't let that deter you from checking for updates!
Also, you may have noticed by my outline formatting and overuse of commas that I write like a lawyer.  So if you know what promissory estoppel is, you're going to love this friggin thing.  Otherwise, sorry bro, deal.

The Plan
There is a loose travel plan, but I'm pretty sure my new friend Shlomo - who you will meet shortly - would be disappointed in me if I were to put it in ink.  And besides, as he says, it's bound to change anyway, so you'll just have to follow along and see where we go.  Surprises!  This blog's got it all!!  Let go and live in the moment Shlomo says.  And so in this moment, my "plan" is to finish my first blog post, continue listening to some amazing recently discovered music (Aeroplane - check it out!), and make my mother happy by cleaning out the closet of my room in my parent's house in NJ.  No more procrastinating Mom, I swear!

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